“In this debut collection, Jane Mellor’s poems weave between friendship, men, travel, regret, pleasure. Fun, bittersweet, self-aware, they delve into the extraordinary of everyday, with an eye to life’s fragile beauty, and an ear to the music of the line.”

– Miranda Pearson, author of Harbour



With a sensual perspective on human nature, Delicate Availability is an evocative collection of lyrical stories and poignant poems. Adeptly balanced between fiction and poetry, a story is told, unraveling one woman’s journey through cities and countries, spanning years and generations, with loved ones and lovers.

Though the theme of passions found and lost may seem universal, and the reminders of life and death rudimentary, with the use of richly textured language, natural rhythm, and deft nuance, each piece reaches into the very fabric of human desire, and it becomes clear the Delicate Availability of us all.



This is Jane Mellor’s first book of published poetry.
Published in January 2012.
Edited by Betsy Warland. Cover art by Stephanie Taylor



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Jane Mellor’s first book of published poetry: Delicate Availability

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