If you really want to know what haiku is – and who knew, there is more than one form – check out the link below.

What is Haiku

My father taught be about haiku because of his love of poetry and language. He learned to speak Japanese in University, and when he was in Japan during the war, he met a Japanese poet and his wife. He and his troop buddies traded cigarettes and booze for a meal and poetry reading at this guy’s house. I wish I knew the poet’s name. At the time my father shared this with me he couldn’t remember. Dad didn’t talk much about the war. This is one of only a handful of stories he revealed, and I’m sure it was because it was sort of dreamy.

Thanks to fellow writer, Valerie B-Taylor for blazing the trail on Facebook, getting Haiku Month in motion. Here is my haiku for the day.

icicles trickle
taken to the streets again
wayward home




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