photo by Ayelet Tsabari

Vancouver Poet: Jane Mellor


Jane Mellor was born and raised in San Francisco, California, USA, and, looking for adventure, headed north to Canada at the age of nineteen. She found what she was looking for and lived for many years off the grid in the back country of British Columbia before moving to the city of Vancouver in 1986.

For the first several years in Vancouver, Jane ran her own business, but eventually moved into part time work as a location scout and set stylist for magazine photo shoots. In the early nineties she was offered a dream job styling a photo shoot for Canadian House & Home Magazine at Umberto Menghi’s Tuscan Villa in Italy. She ended up writing the feature article for the magazine, which was the start of several productive years writing for home lifestyle and travel magazines in Canada and the US.

In 2007 Jane was accepted into Simon Fraser University’s The Writer’s Studio, and soon after graduating, became host and organizer of TWS Reading Series, a monthly literary event for notable and emerging writers. Her poetry has been published in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, emerge, TWS website, The Toronto Quarterly, Leaf Press, Contemporary Horizon Magazine, Contemporary Horizon Anthology, Poetry Nook, and The Maynard, and her poem The Day The Rain Stopped was long-listed in the UK’s National Poetry Competition out of over 12,000 entries.

Delicate Availability is Jane’s first book of poetry and prose.



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